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Dimata Prochain

multi purpose process management system


Dimata ProChain is a multi purpose process management system suitable for various types of retail and simple production processes, like minimarket chain, furniture production, food and beverage services, spa, and others.



Sample of implementation for retail company :

 ProChain for ERP retailProChain for ERP retailWhy do you need PROCHAIN ?


Competition in business, especially during the current pandemic conditions, it is very tight, so methods and tools that are always up to date and modern are needed so that a business can still develop and be sustainable.

Demands, business owners to company management are not only limited to making profits but also strengthening the foundations of the company so that it can become strong and develop in its field.

Strategy and Action, companies that are built are not only limited to being able to operate, but also companies that operate intelligently based on actual and reliable data and information.

Future, bisa dikelola dengan lebih baik dengan mengelola data yang diolah dan disajikan dalam bentuk informasi dengan format yang mendukung manajemen dan team.

Mobile and Web Technologies, growing very rapidly, enabling tools that are very complete but practical to control business.

mobile devices, gadgets and your laptop.

Dimata, since 2002 has developed the Dimata System Prochain to support the operations of various businesses in Bali and Indonesia to be able to develop in business competition that is equipped with features : GLOBAL – MOBILE – REALIBLE support PAPERLESS operation.

Integration,  Prochain systems ranging from catalog management, outlets, warehouses, backoffice to accounting provide data and information that flows quickly and accurately to all parts of the company.

Data security,  which has been tested by the Prochain system for dozens of years guarantees that the data as a company's gold mine is maintained properly.

User Friendly, from Prochain makes it easy for users to operate the Prochain system.

Proactive System,  provide notifications and information automatically from the Prochain system to management or interested users.

24 hours x 7 days Support, from Dimata Team guarantees the use of the Prochain system with high reliability. System service and user consultation can be carried out online or offline as needed.



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