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Dimata Hanoman

Integrated Property Management System


This property management system ( PMS ) already has a stable position in the market and many of our customers choose it because it has multi-purposes and is comprehensible at the same time.

Dimata Hanoman is a comprehensive and powerful information management system for the property industry,
Hanoman is specifically designed for hotels, villas, resorts, homes for rent, and other types of accommodations. This innovative solution provides a complete and integrated solution for property management and operations.
 Dimata Hanoman Front Office SystemDimata Hanoman Front Office System
One of the key benefits of Dimata Hanoman is its versatility. The system includes modules for booking engine and integration to web, property management (such as hotel profile, rooms category and catalog, rooms reservation, guest registration, housekeeping, projects, guest profile), and integrated services (such as F&B, laundry, spa, etc.). In addition, the system is integrated with an inventory system and accounting system, as well as key lock management, providing businesses with a complete and integrated solution for all their operations.
Download  system overview: click here