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IoT Engineer

IoT Engineers develop, manage and monitor various IoT devices and systems with data, technology and research.


  • To research, build, test, and document state-of-the-art IoT solutions with integrated electronics and firmware development.
  • To develop local IoT device software that includes monitoring, execution, and self-healing processes.
  • To work with dynamic IoT, and Computer Vision technology stack to find solutions to complex real-world problems.
  • To plan and build efficient tools to optimize support QA, deployment, and support services.
  • To manage the backup system and develop a system that can easily pass through the self-healing process.
  • To create an optimized solution backup program and provide support services to all customers.


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science
  • 1+ years' experience in related area
  • Experience with arduino
  • Strong in C++ and C programming, strong logic

Career Level :

  • Programmer
  • Team Leader
  • Project Manager
  • Development Manager


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